-Trois études d'espace (19' -2009),  acousmatic piece in octophony (8 tracks corresponding to 8 locations surrounding the audience) 

       -premiered in December 2009 at Auditorium Olivier Messiaen, Maison de Radio-France, Paris,

within the INA-GRM concert season.

  Listen to an excerpt (mp3) :    Trois études d'espace (extr.)

Description :

partial commission from INA-GRM realized in their studios

1- Klangpositionmelodie (homage to Arnold Schoenberg and Pierre Schaeffer)
Seven well differentiated sound objects are presented, each coming for a specific location, constitutive of its sonic identity. Enunciated in succession, they constitute a manner of theme, which is then repeated and varied, changing the nature of sounds, their order, and gradually introducing various irregularities.

2- Un Nadouri ŕ Bobnevi (homage to Luc Ferrari)
Moutains near Gori, in Georgia, Caucasus - it is summer ; it is hot and sounds carry far. The listener is in a valley and perceives sound coming from two villages on the slopes of left and right sides, facing each other.
Bobnevi is the actual name of the village were most field recording were done for this soundscape. A Nadouri is a work song from Georgia in which two groups respond in antiphony ; I imagined that each group would be on either side, chanting across the valley. We therefore have an imaginary landscape.

3- Mouvement-Espace-Etude (homage to Pierre Henry)
Writing of figures, movements in space, as a kind of sonic choreography.
Six basic figures : left-right, front-rear, diagonal, arc of a circle, zig-zag and spiral. Each figure can also be heard in contrary motion, in mirror, or in mirror and contrary motion. Some ten sounds or little sequences, quite differentiated, allow these figures to be embodied, like fumes necessary for a lighting designer to catch the light.

These three studies of space will be interludes of my future multimedia opera, Ushba et Tetnuld, based on a legend from Svaneti, a remote and mountain region of Georgia, for 3 singers, video and electronics.

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