-Quatre à Quatre (28' - 1946), for flute, saxophone, percussion and Quatron synthesizer

Excerpt (in mp3 format ) with Jean-Luc Menet, Michael Riessler,

Gérard Siracusa and Nicolas Vérin :        Quatre à quatre (extr.)

or in Real Audio format  :        Quatre à quatre (extr.)

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Description :


Commission by studio LIMCA (Lutherie Informatique et Musique Contemporaine à Auch), composed during a residence in Midi-Pyrénées,  Quatre à Quatre  was premiered in the Festival Auch Danse Musique Contemporaine in September 1994.

Quatre à quatre is a path that leaves to each instrument a solo and spaces of freedom, around the specific possibilities of the  Quatron synthesizer, developed at LIMCA.


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