-Bora (18' - 1999) – dedicated to Daniel Kientzy

       for soprano and barytone saxophones and tape (Commande d'État)

       • premiered by Daniel Kientzy on May 17th, 1999 at Festival Musique Action in Vandoeuvre lès Nancy.

listen to an excerpt (mp3), by Daniel Kientzy :

    Bora (extr.)


Bora is a Northern wind, known under that name throughout the Eas coast of Adriatic, but also in many other regions of the globe. It is particularyl strong during winter, quite noisy and almost singing, due to great variations of its speed.

The soloist is a character whos shape and size are changing constantly, and is being drawn into various worlds, evocationg sometimes nature, or cultures, languages, whether known or not, abstracts or unexpected, through many landscapes with varied climates, reminiscences of the past or imagniary projections. We are being carried away by the wind, which brings sonic emanations, of music or soundscapes. This gives rise to games, interactions between instrument and tape, with a touch of improvisation and humor.

Bora is the third piece of a cycle on winds, for solo instruments and tapes. The performer is like a character that leads us, while being himself carreid away by the wind, in a voyage where we cross evocations, borrowings, of music and sounds, like if it were sonic emanations brought by the wind.