- De très près ou de très loin…   (9'45 - 2001)

       for tape

       • premiered at the Automn Festival of Moscow in a Ligysconcert on November 11th, 2001

Listen to an excerpt (mp3) :      de très près ou de très loin... (extr.)


Work realized in 2001 for a concert of the Ligys studio in Moscow on the topic of  »grisaille », around a conference by philosopher and art critic George Didi-Huberman, whose voice appears in the piece. The time of work is devoted to an exploration of several courses connecting two extremes of the sound matter: balance -- quasi motionless behaviours -- and movement -- volatile particles. The accumulation of small dust forms increasingly large and heavy clouds, and the movement ends up neutralized in internal mobility of a non-directional texture; glares come to disturb the permanence of sounds stretched and continuously connected in a single line, which ends up by winning over. Several other masses are being added, creating a gravity, a waiting, that gradually generates tension, until the frangible point where they explode in a flash, in a shower of sparks, which dies out quickly.

This voyage in temporal dimension brings closer the static masses, as if infinitely long, and the impulses so short that they virtually have no duration, placing them as out of time: a stopped time, solidified, such as Rabelais' famous frozen words, joining a time so accelerated it condenses all History in one instant.