-Thyrcis  (9'50 – 2002) edition Jobert

        - dedicated to Cécile Daroux

       -Adaptation for solo flute of Mariposa clavada que medita su vuelo

       • premiere on December 1st,2002 at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris by Cécile Daroux.

       • CD « Chassés-croisés » NVCD-0301 by Cécile Daroux

Listen to an excerpt by Cécile Daroux (live at Cité des Arts, Dec. 2002) :      Thyrcis (extr.)


Thyrcis is a shepherd who plays the flute, as well as a butterfly which likes to land on leaves, in outskirt of forests. This music draws much of its substance from a piece composed in 1996 for flute and electronics, "Mariposa clavada that medita su vuelo", "pinned b utterfly that contemplates its flight". The transitory agitation of fluttering life is yet our only possibility of take-off. Let us not await death, which only is devoid of precariousness, and accept with serenity the instability of the present. There is no contradiction, but a complementarity, between the internal micro-mobility of the sound matter, its expansion, and a smooth and deployed curve, a free and broad flight. Proliferating energy causes life and makes it possible to rise, towards a vast and opened breathing.