-Chassé-croisé III ( (8' - 1998) – Éditions Jobert – dedicated to János Négyesy and Paiviki Nykter

       for two violins

       • premiered 25 February 1998 in San Diego, Californie, by János Négyesy and Paiviki Nykter. Other performances by Francis Duroy and Nathalie Geoffray on 19 July 1998 at Trois-Épis, in Festival Musicalta, and by Sona Khochafian and Fabien Roussel at Ferme du Bois Briard in Courcouronnes, March 2004.

          • CD «Dedications» AuCourant Records 0010-1 by János Négyesy and Paiviki Nykter

Listen to un excerpt (mp3), by Négyesy and Paiviki Nykter live at Cité des Arts, December 2002:

    Chassé-croisé III (extr.)


The two violinists are the protagonists of a chase, a run, a hide and seek game, with its conflicts and its resolutions... Chassé-croisé III is dedicated to János Négyesy and Päivikki Nykter, who premiered it in San Diego (California) in February 1998.

Chassé-croisé III is part of a series of duos, (together with Chassé-croisé Ia, for clarinet ( + b. cl.) and viola , Ib, for clar. (+ b. cl.) and cello , Ic, for clar (+ basset hn.) and viola, and Chassé-croisé II, for violin and piano, all written for friends and dedicated to them.