-Chassé-croisé IV ( (12' – 2004)

       for flute and vibraphone (Commaissionned by Radio-France)

       • premiered by Cécile Daroux and  Samuel Favre in the broadcast series "Alla Breve" on France-Musique and France-Culture stations in 2005

Listen to an excerpt (mp3), by Cécile Daroux and Favre:

    Chassé-croisé IV (extr.)


Chassé croisé IV   belongs to a series of duos, comprising Chassé croisé I for clarinet (+B. cl..) and viola., Chassé croisé Ib for clarinet and cello, and Chassé croisé III for two violins. These pices have in common that they are dedicated in all friendship to the performers they were written for. The flute part calls for several multiphonic sounds as well as "tongue-rams". The percussion set-up consists of a vibraphone (which low F is prepared, and is performed with two bows in one passage) and 6 gongs. Both instruments are subjects of a chase, a game of hide and seek, with its conflicts and resolutions. They represent a character, with its own frozen scale, singular features and traits. The two musical characters are sometimes foreign one to another, sometimes trying to establish a dialog. Rhythm is put forwrd in a spirit of play, sometimes of jubilation. The piece is made of 10 short movements, articulated by pairs : introduction and process 1, statism 1 and percussion solo , quasi una caccia and statism 2, flute solo and process 2, con jubilatio and coda.