-Chassé-croisé Ic  (8' - 1998)

       for clarinet (+ basset horn) and viola

       • premiered on 19 July 1998 in Trois-Épis, during Festival Musicalta, by Philippe Cuper and Noëlle Santos, other performances by Anne Arrignon-Mathies and Nathalie Vandebeulque at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris (De. 2002) and Ferme du Bois Briard, Courcouronnes (March 2004)

       • CD « Chassés-croisés » NVCD-0301 by Anne Arrignon-Mathies and Nathalie Vandebeulque

Listen to an excerpt (mp3), by Arrignon-Mathies and Nathalie Vandebeulque live at Cité des Arts, December 2002:    Chassé-croisé Ic (extr.)


Chassé croisé Ic  is part of a cycle of Duos, comprising also Chassé croisé I a for clarinet (+ B. cl. ) and viola, Ib, for clar. (+ B. cl.) and cello , Chassé croisé II for violin and piano, Chassé croisé III for two violins, and Chassé croisé IV for flute and vibraphone. These pieces have in common that they are dedicated in friendship to the performers for whom they were written. They are games of hide and seek, in which the musical characters (here three, as represented by the basset horn, the viola and the clarinet, in order of appearance) can seem to be strangers to one another but can also attempt a dialog, while never completely succeeding to be in synchrony. The rhythm is brought to the front in a playful spirit of chase, pursuit, sometimes jubilations.