-Danses folles et sauvages (15' - 1981), pour bande 2 pistes

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Description :

Danses folles et sauvages is an electronic suite in five movements. It juxtaposes mechanical and unpredictable events, arbitrary and craziness, triviality and complexity in a confrontation from which even humor might spring !

It has been composed with the idea that it could be choreographed later, and this was done twice : by Sylvie Irlande in France (presented in 1981 at the Théâtre Rond-Point Liberté de St-Maur, with 5 dancers : Dominique Schmitt, Sylvie Irlande, Yolande Polmer, Christine Mouley et Laurence Salvadori), and by Maya Gingery in USA (presented in 1983 at the Mandeville Auditorium, University of California, San Diego, with 5 dancers : Victor Zupanc, Deane and Tom Rettig, Maya Gingery and Suzanne de Montigny).

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