-Espejito  (7' - 1998-2002), for solo oboe (partial adaptation of Miroirs déformants )

       - premiere at Cité Internationale des Arts by Claire Michèle in december 2002, other performance by Stéphane Goyeau at Ferme du Bois Briard in march 2004

     - available on CD « Chassés-croisés » NVCD-0301 by Claire Michèle

Download an excerpt (mp3), by Claire Michèle recorded live at Cité des Arts in December 2002:

    Espejito (extr.)

Description :

Dedicated to Claire Michèle.

Sonic images, multiple reflections of these images, between horizontal and vertical, on the level of timbre, of the use of multiphonics and quarter tones...

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