-Impulsions (15' - 2008)   commission from Conservatoire de Bagnolet

       Fro small string ensembles and electronics

       Premiered in April 2009 by the students of Conservatoire de Bagnolet,  directed by Philippe andBlard  Mari Yasuda,

at the Auditorium of Conservatoire de Bagnolet

videos on YouTube


1st movement : Impulsions-glissements, 4/1/2/1 for students with 3-5 years of instrument

video here

2nd movement : Impulsions-arrêts, 4/1/3/1, for students with 4-7 years of instrument

video here

3rd movement : Impulsions-archées 2/1/1/0, for students with 6-10 years of instrument

video here

Realisation : studio Impulsion

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