-Pleine lune (26' - 1981), for 4 track tape and projected images

             -photographs and visual montage byDominique Piolet and Nicolas Vérin

           - premiere in December 1981 at St-Maur's Theatre (Paris),

           -several other performances (USA, Paris, Chalon sur Saône) ; radio broadcasts on KPFK Berkeley and France Musique

You can watch the piece in video at the following URL: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=43125191

or listen to an excerpt ( mp3 format) :    Pleine lune (extr.)

or download in Real Audioformat :    Pleine lune (extr.)

Description :

Evocation, incitation, musical journey,
Pleine Lune   proposes  to carry you along, with your complicity and your imagination.

Photographs and visual montage by Dominique Piolet and Nicolas Vérin. Music realized on Synclavier II at Dartmouth College (New Hampshire), thanks to Jon Appleton's invitation, and in the 8 track studio of the University of California, San Diego (August 1981-January 1982).

Pleine lune in in eight movements : Rêves (dreams), Densité 0,17 (density 0.17), Marée haute (High tide), Face cachée (hidden face), Cycle, Magie noire (black magic), Désir, Apogée.

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