-Solid Noid  (25' - 1999-2005), for midi piano, disklavier and electronic set-up

photo création : Fuminori Tanada et Nicolas Vérin

Listen to an excerpt (mp3 format), by Fuminori Tanada  : Solid Noid (extr.)

(live recording during a concert at Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique, january 2009)

Description :

The titles comes from a tag I saw in San Francisco. It opposes real (solid) and artificial (noid, as in « droid »), but it also sounds like "solenoid", which made me think of those that control the hammers of the disklavier - this mechanical piano that can be driven by a computer).
Three sonic worlds are confronted here: human performance of the piano - interpretation, touch, sensitivity -, that of the computer-controlled acoustic piano - as a mirror or an extension, demultiplication reaching towards "sound", a plastic conception of sound close to electroacoustics - and finally the world of electronics, through live processing of the piano sound, or by triggering computer synthesized and pre-recorded sounds, "concrete" or instrumental.

Solid Noid is dedicated to the memory of my brother Francis Vérin.

Commission by Festival Why Note in Dijon, with a bourse SACEM.

Premiere by Fuminori Tanada at "L'Itinéraire de Nuit", in Cité Universitaire de Paris, 2005.

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