- Solo  (8' - 1986), for 8 track tape to be mixed live

- Solo II  (8' - 1988), for 2 track tape

- Solo III  (7' - 1998), for 16 track tape to be mixed live

      -Solo was premiered during the Pacific Ring Festival in San Diego, 1986

      -Solo III is featured on Paysaginaire CD PAYSA9810, (distr. Amazon) (1998).

Listen to  an excerpt (mp3 format) :     Solo III (extr.)

or load an excerpt ( Real Audioformat) :     Solo III (extr.)

Description :

The different tracks constitute as many réservoirs that the performer may use rather freely to create in a somewhat improvised manner.

Version II is a mix done in studio.

Sounds on the tape are left voluntarily rather raw, so as to be easy to manipulate in mixing and spatialization. In order to provide interesting possibilities, they are made of very varied sources : concrete noises, analog and digital synthesis, as well as digital processing, realized at Pierre Henry's Studio Son/Ré, and at the Center for Music Experiment of the University of California, San Diego.

Version III, while reusing in stéréo éléments of the first version, is shorter and comprises additional materials.


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