- Solo Violin Piece I  (7' - 1981)

       -premiered on 28 October 1981 at the University of California at San Diego by János Négyesy, to whom it is dedicated.

       -featured in the CD "dedications to János Négyesy", Neuma 450-95

Listen an excerpt (mp3 format), by Janos Négyesy  :     Solo Violin Piece I (extr.)

or load an excerpt ( Real Audio format), by Janos Négyesy  :     Solo Violin Piece I (extr.)

Description :

Solo Violin Piece I was composed in 1981 and constitutes my first instrumental composition. The pitch space is organized around a scale in frozen notes of 9 sounds, according to a curved trajectory .

The fourth note, D, is a symmetry axis, articulating a central motif turning around D quarter tone sharp, D natural, D sharp and C sharp.

This trajectory governs the whole evolution of the piece's form : the first rising represents the discovery of the central motif, whereas the following downward motion is the discovery of the complete 9 sounds scale, in the fashion of the Alap (introduction) in a raga from Northern India. Numerous others elements are also organised according to this shape : dynamics, level of complexity of the discourse, tessitura, color (from somber to brilliant, notably with bow positions), the opposition pitch/noise. Furthermore, notes that are played can belong to the scale - be within the norm -, be in an octave relationship with degrees from the scale - slight deviation —, be ornemental - short deviation -, or foreign - in opposition to the norm.

Thanks to the collaboration of János Négyesy, that I thank warmly, I was able to use in this piece several new performance techniques, that are integrated in the pitch/noise dialectic. Thus, a particular bow position allows to obtain, while playing only one string, three-note chords, coming, in addition to the ordinary portion of the string, from the part located beneath the bridge, and from the vibration of the bridge itself, unless the latter is a differential obtained by the beating of the first two.




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