-Temporale che non c'è  (16' - 1996), for orchestra [2 fl (+picc., +G fl.), 2 ob (+E.H.), 2 cl (+b. cl.), 1 bn, 1 cbn, 2 F. hn., 2 tpt (D and C), 1 tn tbn , 1 tuba, 2 perc, 1 hrp, strings (min. 6/6/4/4/3)] 

Listen to  an excerpt (mp3) by the Orchestre Chalon-Bourgogne conducted by Philippe Cambreling :
    Temporale che non c'e (extr.)

or load in RealAudio forma) :     Temporale che non c'e (extr.)

Description :

I chose two points of departure, two sources of inspiration. Firstly, the different phases of a storm, taken as a model, as an organic principle for the composition, as well as for the emotions that it can provoke.

Secondly, a set of four "musical drawings " by Anne-Marie Teraccini, that she, a painter, has realized while listening to music (which I prefered not to know).

I transcribed freely these drawings, in four parts related to the phases of a storm, through a double reading : as a representation of sounds, by lines, masses, signs ; and as snapshots, pictures in which time, although stopped, is suggested by motion, by gesture : twirls, myriads of particles, partly chaotic, partly organized, like a natural phenomenon in which chance plays an important part yet let some lines of force, some oscillations and some tensions appear.


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