-Transe métal  (11' - 1991), for fixed sounds  (2 tracks)

Listen to  an excerpt ( mp3)   :    Transe métal (extr.)

Description :

Transe métal is the tape version of Métalmorphose, and has been realised in the GRM's studios in 1989, using most notably the SYTER system for sound processing (essentially based on  percussion instruments) as well as sound synthesis.  The richness of the tape part of Métalmorphose led me to realise this version. Some percussion sounds have been added, so as to retain the compositional intentions, where their rôle was fundamental. The mix was also entirely redone, in order to bring out some elements that barely appeared.

This piece is based on a metaphor of the idea that every sound has its origin in an energy transfer.  The percussive objects communicates its dynamic to the sound body being hit (here, mainly metals), and similarly, the resulting sound of this percussion engenders its electroacoustic modification. These take place within the acoustic world (prepared vibraphone, chords of heterogenous sounds, special modes of attack) as well as the electroacoustic world (with the use of Syter and and the multitrack studio) and in the combination of the two worlds (by relay, merging...).

The original and its double, the forward and backward directions, articulated or slack time, impatience or restraint of the discourse, principles of periodicity or systematic irregularity : these are the elements of a mosaïc made of contrasted passages.

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