-Chassé-croisé II (8' - 1997), for violin and piano

         -dedicated to the performers who premiered it at the Festival Musicalta in July 1997 : Francis Duroy and Jean-Marie Cottet.

          -featured on the CD "Chassés-croisés, solos and duos by Nicolas Vérin

Listen to an excerpt ( mp3) by par Sona KhochafianGeorges Beriachvili  :   Chassé-croisé II (extr.)

or download in Real Audio format  :   Chassé-croisé II (extr.)

Description :

Chassé-croisé II is part of a cycle of duets, comprising Chassé-croisé I for clarinet (+ b. cl.) and viola, Chassé-croisé Ib for clarinet and cello, and Chassé-croisé III for two violins. These pieces have in common that they are dedicated in friendship to the performers who asked for them. They are also games of hide and seek, where the two musical characters are sometime foreign one to another, and sometimes sketching a dialog. The rhythmical aspect is put forward in a spirit of chase, play, and sometimes jubilation.



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