- Solo Violin Piece II   (6' - 1983)

         - premiered on 16 December 1983 at the Conservatoire National de Région of St-Maur by János Négyesy, to whom it is dedicated. Several other preformances since by János Négyesy, Nathalie Chabot...

          • CD « Chassés-croisés » NVCD-0301 par Cécile Daroux

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Description :

This piece, written in 1983 (6'), puts into action two different forms of energy, derived from folkloric models (Flamenco and Hungarian music). They are not identifiable as such, but are transposed in a contemporary language, calling upon several new violin techniques.

In a first part, the music, made of irregular bursts, threads of phrases, of torn sonorities, is wild, violent, unpredictable. The second part, no less intense, expresses itself through a continuous stream whose flow is variable, resulting from the combinations of a cycle of three-note chords (played in non arpeggiated triples stops) and a complex sythmic development.

Solo Violin Piece II is spectacular (it contains also a few theatrical effects) and powerful, and has been received warmly by audiences.


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